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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Art And Sound 2008

In an attempt to explore how the creative use of sound complicates the contained categories of sound /art /visual art /music /science /engineering, KHOJ organised a series of sound residencies. Through these, Art and Sound explored the ways in which aural experiences inform our inhabitation of spaces and ecologies.


About this edition

After two sound projects in 2006 (Sonic Arts’06Hybrid Sonicscapes’06 ) and Noise@KHOJ in 2008, KHOJ Studios presented another project around Sound Art. The core theme of the project this time around was centered upon creating noise instruments which operate on human triggers instead of software apparatuses. The existence of various techno junk facilities in New Delhi was seen as a source of viable material that could be utilised in abstract ways by the participants. This even tied up with KHOJ’s underlying intention to push for environmental conservation and recycling of industrial trash with an aesthetic motive.

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