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Coriolis Effect 2017

The Coriolis Effect residency program was initiated to activate the social, economic and cultural relationship and historical exchange which exists between India and the African continent. Coriolis Effect not only uses the present context of 21st century migrations, but equally refers to various moments of exchange through history.


About this edition

Open Day: Saturday 28 November 2017, 5:30 pm

Started with a screening of SEA-ME-WE by Virgile Fraisse

The exhibition remained on display on Monday, the 30th, and Tuesday, the 31st of October.

Coriolis Effect Ed. III: Migration, Memory and the Current Moment:

The third edition of the Coriolis Effect residency represented a progression of the concerns that had shaped the Coriolis Effect project thus far. Having focussed in the first two editions on exchange between India and Africa, particularly in KHOJ‘s neighbourhood of Khirkee, this third edition widened and re-intensified the scope of the project, with a focus on research, and taking as its thematic the Indian Ocean world.

The residents for this edition of the programme were: Nidhi Mahajan, Nyambura M Waruingi, Sarover Zaidi, and Shubigi Rao.

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