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Coriolis Effect 2016

The Coriolis Effect residency program was initiated to activate the social, economic and cultural relationship and historical exchange which exists between India and the African continent. Coriolis Effect not only uses the present context of 21st century migrations, but equally refers to various moments of exchange through history.


About this edition

OPEN STUDIO: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM, Thursday 29 September, 2016 at KHOJ Studios

The work remained on view till Monday, Oct 3rd (11 AM – 7 PM, Sunday Closed).

Coriolis Effect was a project at KHOJ which sought to explore the socio-cultural relationship as well as the tradition of historical exchange between India and the continent of Africa. Coriolis Effect not only used the present context of 21st century migrations, but equally referred to various moments of exchange through history; from the recent past of the Non-Aligned Movement in the 20th century to the cultural relationship shared by Indians and Africans from the 1st century AD onwards.

This project evolved out of a response to the negations and spaces of encounter made visible in KHOJ’s neighborhood of Khirkee Village: a dense urban-village environment in New Delhi that is home to a stream of immigrants from within the Indian subcontinent, as well as from nations across the Global South. People move here seeking education, access to healthcare, opportunities for employment, political asylum or simply a new beginning. However, arrival is often accompanied by tension and experiences of discrimination based on race and social difference. This is not exceptional to the experience of entering Khirkee as an outsider but is indicative of a greater universal encounter.

Curator’s Note for Migration and Memory (Coriolis Effect 2016):

In this past year at KHOJ, we have been deeply contemplating ‘migration’ – the voluntary or involuntary movement of peoples from one place to another. Globally, we have borne witness to the forced displacement of thousands of people from their homelands, and locally we have experienced the trauma of re-location firsthand. We are caught in a paradoxical moment in which we witness growing religious extremism and intolerance towards difference, while we simultaneously experience an abandonment of traditional definitions of community and inherent culture.  We are also extremely interested in the formation of memory – both individual and collective. We invite artists to look back at the past and comprehend the present. What happens to your identity when you lose your place of belonging? What are memories of home and place that you carry with you? How does the collective memory inform a sense of belonging?

In light of these global phenomenons, the 2016 Coriolis Effect will focus on Migration and Memory. Through this project, we are also interested in activating conversation around topics of trade & labour flow, language & musicscapes, informal communities, asylums and voyages in the context of India and Africa.


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