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Khoj After School session of the year — The Khoj After School programme is a reading engagement with the children of the Khirkee neighbourhood, in friendship with Parag facilitated by Tuhina Sharma.

The Parag Initiative of the Tata Trusts is driven by a belief in the transformative power of reading, working to ensure that children across India can appreciate and enjoy reading, especially in diverse vernacular languages.

For our first session of the year we read the book ‘Shaljam’ – A fun folktale about a stubborn turnip which foregrounds the importance of teamwork and co-existence! Illustrated by Niharika Shenoy, designed by Kanak Shashi and edited by Seema, Bharat Tripathi, the book is published by Eklavya Publications.

The reading was followed by the children enacting the story, and a drawing activity of their favourite characters from the book.

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