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The Traveling Hand: A Ludic Dream across the Sea

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The Queen has a series of dreams before her death. She finds another sleeper in her dream, the hunter.

The game is essentially a co-op found object game, between the dreaming self and the waking self. It is built on a highly compressed narrative derived from a series of true incidents beginning in the 17th c. which concluded in Goa, where the relics of Georgian Queen Ketevan were found. After her torture and death in Shiraz, some remains were brought by a monk and buried inside the Augustine Complex in Velha Goa.

In the late 1980’s Georgian Filmmaker Rezo Tabukashvili arrived in Goa to trace these remains, and initiated an archaeological excavation with the Archaeological Survey of India. His footage represents the hunter’s journey inside the Queen’s dream.

The game world for the prototype exhibit represents a fragment of the tapestry inside which the player excavates this story.

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