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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Periferry co-organised this seminar in association with n.e.w.s and KHOJ.

Note from the Organisers:

We maintain that art’s condition is post-spatial, yet it is often frustrating to try and describe that condition with existing concepts and vocabularies. The deeper we got in our conversations – which included or even precluded the internet – the more superficial the available vocabulary seemed to be for what we were actually trying to postulate, describe, or invent.

The performativity of ‘talking art’ is something we have been recently discussing at n.e.w.s. In researching and writing our forthcoming book, Arbitrating Attention: reinvesting attention surplus in plausible artworlds, as it is affectionately called, different courses of action have emerged, some inadvertently, others hammered out during our weekly Skype meetings or even real-world rendezvous. Somehow we are no longer submerged. What now comes to mind in anticipation of a weekend on the Brahmaputra at Periferry is not only the geophysical and geopolitical context – the water, the North East – but the symbolic dimension: the ferry as the meeting place, buoyancy enabling thoughts, the flux of ideas.

Everyone who comes to Periferry has been involved to some extent in these preceding meetings whether by phone, email, Skype or face-to-face conversation. Thanks to all for your input and feedback so far. The search, so to speak, is now on, for whatever will be the outcome of bringing together your energies and the verbal conundrums we can hatch on a ferryboat on the banks of the Brahmaputra.

We invite all those attending as well as anyone else who would like to join the Unspeakably More Forum. Please sign up as a user and add comments. Our intention is to enable a live-stream, or at least a live blog at times – depending on the goodwill of the local government, 3-G possibilities, satellites and the actual position of the boat…thanks to Desire Machine Collective and Arts Collaboratory for their support.

Unspeakably More depends more on what things are called than on what they are (…) Let us not forget that in the long run, it is enough to create new names and plausibilities in order to create new “things”



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