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ARThink South Asia 2011

ARThinkSouthAsia is a management, policy, and research programme in the arts and culture sector. Initiated in 2010, the programme is dedicated to founding and supporting a cadre of arts managers committed to the cause of capacity building in the South Asian region, encompassing Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

About this edition

This edition brought together fifteen Fellows based out of Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Ranchi, Tamil Nadu in India and Dhaka in Bangladesh. In accordance with ARThinkSouthAsia’s imaginative vision that is geared towards capacity-building, these cultural practitioners were trained by experts in the essential managerial skills of fundraising, digital marketing, human resources, and strategic planning. The 2011-12 Fellows had an exceptionally diverse range of cultural and professional interests. A few of their areas of expertise are: curation in association with pioneering photography festivals such as Chhobi Mela; legal practice and policy design in relation to cultural heritage/conservation; the development of publications dedicated to narrative photography; the founding and cultivation of well-known travelling theatre projects such as ‘Ek Mulaqat Manto Se’ and Jana Natya Manch; the establishment of grants and scholarships for higher education in the domain of classical acting; creative interventions in the form of experimental mixed-genre performances; conservation consultancy working towards the preservation of architectural heritage and cultural tourism; the intersections of music, information technology, and entertainment; independent film-making and book-publishing, and the multitudinous domain of arts consultancy.


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