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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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असली तस्वीर से भी झूट की रचना हो सकती है

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I want to remember the ways and times that news channels use and manipulate real images into fake stories. My  living memory is filled with tales of the proliferation of 2000 rupee notes embedded with microscopic chips.

This body of archival works draws from material and memories from the personal to the public and digital.

Sarcastically interweaving मुहावरों  I memorised in childhood but never actually used in adult life, my work mirrors their ineffectuality with the never-ending droning of the news cycle through watercolours and illumination.

Drawn from a textured and tangible sense of personal and socio-political nostalgia, I have transmitted my first-hand recollections onto second-hand screens. They offer paths (and sometimes dead-ends) beyond the first glance towards images, sounds, videos and texts, interplaying functional screens with non-functional ones.

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