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Healing: The Journey

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I was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer in August 2022, a revelation that sent shockwaves not only through me but also my close-knit circle of friends and family. Looking at me, you wouldn’t guess the severity of my condition, but the truth was hard to ignore—I was on the brink of a life-threatening battle, and numerous tests confirmed the gravity of the situation.

Survival was no easy feat. Chemotherapy, as many had warned, was a grueling ordeal, and the complete gastrectomy was far from an enjoyable experience. I’ve dubbed myself a miracle, an alien, a superhero—a work in progress on the path to healing. However, to truly understand my daily struggle, one must recognize the fighter within me. Each of these personas encapsulates my journey. In an effort to shed light on this transformative process, to offer my insights and support to others in similar circumstances, I made the decision to initiate a series of healing-focused exhibitions. The inaugural event, CISA 2023, marks the beginning of this endeavor.

This exhibition features the works of five exceptional artists, each contributing their unique perspective on the theme of healing. Among them is Prakash Ranjit, a talented Nepali visual artist and illustrator, whose pieces document his own self-healing journey from a mental health struggle five years ago. I had the privilege of engaging in an in-depth conversation with him, delving into the significance of candidly discussing the healing process.

The exhibition also showcases the collaborative efforts of two Nepali multidisciplinary artists, Jupiter Pradhan and Salil Subedi, who present a poignant video installation reflecting Jupiter’s personal struggles while a beloved family member underwent treatment for a critical illness. Their work serves as a powerful reminder of the often overlooked impact of such diagnoses on our closest companions, whose emotional turmoil can be as profound as the patient’s.

Additionally, Pratima Takali, another talented visual artist from Nepal, offers an insightful installation underscoring the pivotal role of one’s home as an intimate space in the healing journey. Lastly, Fabienne Francote, a dear friend and esteemed Belgian visual artist, presents a thought-provoking performance during the exhibition’s opening day, emphasizing the meditative aspects of healing as an inherently personal voyage.

A Testament of a Cancer Fighter – Curatorial Note in progress

Participating Artists:

  • Fabienne Francotte
  • Jupiter Pradhan
  • Pratima Thakali

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