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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Art And Fashion 2013

The Art & Fashion Residency was an international residency that examined the role of fashion in shaping everyday realities. It explored the individual and collective processes involved in identity-formation, whilst also looking at self-perception and communication through fashion. The history of fashion and its transformative role in the past and the present were also researched during the residency.


About this edition

In 2011 and 2012, KHOJ invited several artists and practitioners from within fashion to explore the possible synergies and crossovers between the two disciplines. Through a series of residencies and related programs, artists-in-residence explored myriad themes within fashion and have opened up several exciting avenues of inquiry. Works developed in KHOJ’s fashion residencies looked at the material possibilities of textiles and fabrics, created conversations around issues of copy and appropriation, began to address the idea of clothing as an extension of the body and discussed notions of clothing as symbolic and visual language. To continue its ongoing engagement with fashion, KHOJ curated a third edition of its Art & Fashion residency in November 2013 at KHOJ Studios in New Delhi. Participants in the residency continued investigation into the above mentioned themes, while simultaneously unpacking new directions and evolving new conversations between the two disciplines.

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