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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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In Context: Public.Art.Ecology 2011

KHOJ’s program was initiated to create public dialogue around ecological issues through artistic projects and interventions; over two years through its InContext residencies, KHOJ has narrowed its focus to projects and interventions dealing with food.

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Curatorial Note:

The In Context: Public.Art.Ecology residency will investigate and explore sites of science pursued through its diverse projects, all within the broader framework of ecology and science rooted in cultural and philosophical contexts of today. These range from creating living ecosystems for insects, an organic grass photosynthesis photograph, an interactive bird habitat, an insect-attracting eco-habitat, etc.

The convergence of the worlds of art and science is creating a new niche of cultural experimentation. In both popular and scientific culture, the ascendancy of biology and its success in spreading knowledge and visual information about other species has stimulated attention. More recently, global warming and international ecological crises have urgently focused our attention on our relationship with other species.

The work of artists today have begun to reflect these larger social interests. By transcending disciplinary boundaries, this residency hopes to bridge the gap and break down the language barrier between art and science, addressed through a combination of artistic intervention, critical theorizing, and reflective practices, opening up a world of possibilities and creative ideas emerging from current developments in technology and scientific research.



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