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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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It’s a phantasmagorical world where I seek my solace. My works celebrate the uncanny. The motifs which constantly recur in my imagery speak of desires as well as of unknown fears, which continues to haunt me. I constantly jostle with myself in order to express my emotions through numerous marks on the surface. These marks not only decipher the tale of pleasure and pain but also hint at dreams and nightmares. Death is probably the harshest reality of life. I have access to a public hospital in Kolkata, where death, mutilations, morbid infections and grotesque afflictions of the human body are everyday reality. Such stomach churning, heart rending experiences often lie dormant in mind till they find forms. Signs of automatism are very strong in my works as one image leads to another and join up. My figures, neither dead nor alive, constantly evolve from one form to the other, much like an unidentified metamorphosing creature. There is a subconscious urge to negate all set norms of beauty when I draw with my anxious graphic lines. Mutilated bodies and carcasses float around the surface. Many of them have strong erotic overtones. Sensuality is an integral part of my images. Oozing fluids from open wounds or transformed male phallus/female genitals teases our perception. The primitive urge finds mention. I further exaggerate certain visual sensations by introducing several paraphernalia with the figures. My narratives revolve around the private spaces where I do question and contest my own existence.

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