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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Saath (Hindi) / With / Jothige (Kannada)

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Jasmeen’s project Towards Feminist Futures is supported by Khoj. It is a part of her existing work with Blank Noise and an iteration of her ongoing intervention I Never Ask For It, where she will continue to document and archive audio and garment testimonials of sexual violence and victim blame. The growing archive of testimonials is part of a mission to end the justification of violence through blame. 

Patheja’s practice rests on the strength of collaborations and building solidarities. Through this Jasmeen and fellow Action Sheroes are working to build new engagements and solidarities in the peri urban context to shift patriarchal structures, initiate healing and empathy.  Patheja describes Blank Noise projects as that which “Intervene in patriarchal climates to build feminist futures”. 

Solidarities cannot be assumed. Solidarity is labour, and relationships are a process. 
Towards Feminist Futures brings attention to this thought , by enabling collaborations between the artist, collective 
and feminist allies working to end sexual and gender based violence. 

Jasmeen Patheja @jasmeenpatheja is an ‘artist in public service’. Jasmeen builds ideas for public action committed to ending violence against women, girls and all persons. She is the founder, facilitator of Blank Noise @blanknoiseactionheroes , a growing community of Action Sheroes, Heroes, Theyroes; citizens and persons, taking agency to end sexual and gender based violence. Blank Noise was initiated as a student project at Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology, by Jasmeen in 2003 in response to the silence surrounding street harassment in India and globally. 

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