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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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International Workshop Modinagar 1997

From 1997 until 2001, KHOJ conducted the International Artist Workshop mostly at Sikribagh, a quasi-colonial bungalow in Modinagar, offered for the workshop by SK Modi. The workshop functioned as an experimental art laboratory that brought together artists from all over the world to create a co-operative and non-hierarchical space, encouraging critical dialogue, exchange and the transference of information and skills.

About this edition

KHOJ’s first International Artist Workshop functioned as an experimental art laboratory under an autonomous, open ended organisation led by artists for artists.

22 artists participated in the workshop: 10 international and 12 Indian. The workshop was conducted at Modinagar, approximately 55 kms from Delhi.  Modinagar is a town that has grown around a group of industries founded by the late Gujarmal Modi in the Nehruvian days of independent India. Sikribagh, the venue for the KHOJ workshop, is an old bunglow built in a quasi-colonial style, amidst acres of land, mango trees and a pond; it was a refuge from the decaying industrial city. This space was generously offered to KHOJ for the workshop by SK Modi. Sikribagh has continued to be used as a workshop site for many years since.


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